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Below is the information about Next’s proposed new warehouse building at Field Lane, South Elmsall. This information is also to be displayed at a public exhibition of Next’s plans, to be held at:

South Elmsall Social Centre
Westfield Lane
South Elmsall


Friday 19th November between 2.00pm and 7.00pm.

Please feel free to come along and make comments or ask any questions. If you are unable to attend the exhibition we have provided a feedback form for you to submit.

Thank you for your interest in the scheme.

Next plc and Q+A Planning welcome you to this exhibition of the draft plans for an additional new warehouse building at Field Lane, South Elmsall.

Next is a major UK plc, and trades from over 500 stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland. In addition to its stores, it operates a highly successful home shopping catalogue and internet retail business, which serves more than two million customers.

Next has eight distribution centres nationwide. One of these is the existing operation at South Elmsall. The existing buildings serve Next’s stores and on-line retail business, fulfilling orders which are then dispatched for next- day delivery.

The construction of Next’s new warehouse facility at Field Lane (referred to as ‘E3’) is progressing, and the development will become operational next year. As the popularity of on-line shopping has grown, demand for floorspace has increased and there continues to be a need for further warehouse space at the site.

This exhibition tells you more about a further development for extra warehousing, to be called the ‘E4’ building, which is now proposed on land to the south of Field Lane. We are inviting your views and comments on the proposal, before the plans are finalised and a planning application is submitted.

About Next at South Elmsall

In its eight existing distribution centres Next employs over 7,000 people and handles over 350 million items a year, so it’s vital that everything operates efficiently. Moreover, the company is experiencing a significant increase in demand for its on-line shopping ranges, offering a wider range of goods and faster deliveries, partly due to changes in shopping habits that have occurred as a result of the pandemic. This growth means that more warehousing space is needed.

South Elmsall is a vital link in Next’s nationwide distribution operation. Next already occupies a group of four warehouse buildings here, with a fifth under construction, and employs a team of 4,000-plus staff. In order to secure the extra warehouse space that it needs, Next’s preference is to expand its current operations at South Elmsall, rather than the alternative of building on a new site elsewhere in the country.

For a site to be suitable for new warehousing, it needs to be:

  • Close to existing warehouses, so it can be linked to them to allow the separate buildings to be operated efficiently as a single unit;
  • Big enough to be able to accommodate a large building, with the adjacent service yard and parking area;
  • Able to be easily accessed from major roads; and
  • In a location where development impact can be minimised – for example, by providing substantial landscaped areas around the buildings.

About Our Proposal

The proposed development is to be sited on land immediately south of the consented scheme (referred to as ‘E3’) that is currently under construction off Field Lane, South Elmsall. It will cover around 32ha of land. At present the site is farmland.

The site is close to the existing buildings at Elmsall Drive and Elmsall Way where Next already operate four warehouses. As has already been explained, it is important that the new development can connect to these existing warehouses via bridge links.

The new building will be accessed via the recently approved highways infrastructure provided for the ‘E3’ warehouse using both the new road running into the site from Field Lane, and then to Doncaster Road via the new roundabout. More information about this is provided later in the exhibition.

At present the application site is designated as green belt land. However, in its emerging new Local Plan (the Wakefield Local Development Plan 2036), the Council has proposed removing the land from the green belt and allocating it for new warehousing development.

The proposed new warehouse is likely to create significant new employment once it is fully operational. These jobs will cover a range of roles including engineers, warehouse operatives, operational managers, support staff, quality controllers, drivers, administrators and security. Next will offer full support and training for its new staff, along with a number of other benefits including staff discount, uniform, a staff shop, subsidised canteen, childcare vouchers and membership of a pension scheme.

Right (upper) the proposed application site; (lower) extract from emerging Local Plan showing employment allocation LP78.

About Our Planning Application

The planning application to be submitted will propose a single new warehouse building of some 110,000sq. m in total. Within the building will be office and welfare accommodation to serve the warehouse activity. There will also be a separate recycling facility for on-site waste management. There will be around a further 900 car parking spaces including accessible bays and electric vehicle provision, alongside covered cycle parking for 100 bicycles on the site.

A key part of the design is to respond to the existing site topography. The ground level falls across the site. Using ‘cut and fill’, a level platform for the building will be created, as was the case with the E3 building. It is expected that the need to import or export large quantities of material will be avoided.

The appearance of the building will reflect both the adjacent E3 warehouse under construction and those on the north side of Field Land. High quality cladding will be used, with ribbon glazing and horizontal bands to break up the massing and soften the appearance. The office element will be designed with curtain walling to emphasise the building entrance.

The elevations have been designed to minimise the visual impact of the building in relation to sensitive views into the site, and to allow for interest and activity at the entrances.


The building is designed to achieve industry-leading environmental and quality standards. The design will include where possible:

  • Solar thermal tubes for hot water;
  • Air source heat pumps;
  • Solar photovoltaic panels for the electrical demand and electric vehicle charging points;
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions through improved envelope and service provision; and
  • Use of A and A+ construction materials wherever possible.

The building is designed to achieve industry-leading environmental and quality standards. The design will include where possible:

  • Visual impact, and how the building will appear when viewed from outside the site;
  • The effect of the scheme on ecology and biodiversity, including benefits that will be delivered from new habitat to be provided;
  • Effects in terms of noise and air quality;
  • Foul and surface water drainage matters; and
  • Consideration of climate change both during construction and operation phases.

Traffic, Transport and
Public Rights of Way

The site is well served as a logistics hub by the existing road network with the A638 leading to the junction with the A1(M), some 2.5 miles away.

Vehicular access to the site will be provided via the new roundabout junction on the A638 Doncaster Road where it meets Field Lane, and then via the new road into the site that will also serve E3. It is anticipated that these works will provide sufficient capacity for traffic associated with both warehouses during construction and operation. It is not expected that there will be a need for any further closures of Field Lane.

bike wheel

The routes to the national motorway network avoid any vehicular movement through or near residential areas. All HGVs going to and from the site will have to travel via the Doncaster Road junction and will not use the remainder of Field Lane or travel through South Elmsall itself.

Pedestrian access will be provided via new footways along Field Lane which will link with the existing provision on A638 Doncaster Road. Pedestrian access will also be provided to the existing Next premises

to the north via a pedestrian walkway bridge link. This will allow employees at the new facility to move between buildings in a safe and efficient manner.

The bus stops on Dale Lane to the north of the development site provide a regular service towards local destinations including Wakefield, Fitzwilliam Station, South Elmsall and Upton. These existing services offer a convenient and realistic means for new employees to travel to

the site by public transport. Next are committed to encouraging sustainable modes of travel and reducing the number of single occupancy car borne trips. A Travel Plan for the scheme will include various measures to incentivise employees to travel sustainably.

The proposals will include provision for cyclists and pedestrians to access the site, and cycle storage is provided within the car park for up to 100 cycles.

The Benefits of the Scheme


Next’s proposed development will bring a range of benefits. It will:

  • Create substantial new employment opportunities, and secure significant benefits for the local economy;
  • Help to safeguard Next’s long-term presence in South Elmsall;
  • Provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly building; and
  • Incorporate carefull landscaped areas and open space to ensure integration with the surrounding area.


Once the development team has had the opportunity to review the feedback received, we hope to submit a planning application to Wakefield District Council during December.

Assuming planning permission is granted, construction will then be able to start, in line with the requirements of Next’s business. The building could be operational by 2024.


Thank you for visiting this exhibition showing Next’s further expansion plans for land at South Elmsall.

If you have any questions on these proposals or would like to make comments about the scheme before the application is submitted, please do speak with one of the team present. Alternatively, you can:

  • Complete a feedback form at the exhibition
  • Email us at [email protected], or
  • Visit our website at, or
  • Write to us, at: Q+A Planning Ltd, The Stables, Paradise Wharf, Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2JN.

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