Elysium Healthcare, Crossley Manor

Elysium Healthcare Ltd provide a range of specialist mental health services in both community-based services and complex care hospitals across England and Wales. Elysium works in partnership with NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to provide services for people with learning disabilities and autism, mental health challenges and neurological conditions.

Crossley Manor, an imposing detached villa set in generous gardens that lies within the Green Belt in Rainhill and has a long-standing institutional use. The site comprises a number of buildings and is Grade II listed.

We worked closely with the client, Local Planning Authority and heritage officer to deliver Elysium’s aspirations for the site. A series of community consultation events with the public and key stakeholders were co-ordinated to outline Elysium’s proposals.

Q+A were successful in securing planning permission for a series of ‘close complex care’ units and repurposing existing buildings to provide residential training for overseas nurses. In addition, Elysium wish to re-use a significant part of the manor house for office accommodation, providing a regional head office and recruitment centre.

For any further information, or general enquiries, please contact Tom Hallett, or Amanda Pickering.

Crossley Manor, St Helens
Elysium Healthcare Ltd

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