Next, Handforth Dean

Next had an important requirement for a high-profile new fashion and home store to serve the South Manchester and Cheshire markets. A prominent and accessible site at Handforth Dean, adjacent to the existing Tesco and Marks & Spencer development and alongside the A34 was identified.

The site, which was owned by the Council, had a history of planning application refusals, and the planning authority had not envisaged further new large scale retail development in the area.

Next instructed a planning project team, led by Ruth Child, to secure consent for the proposed 75,000 sq. ft. fashion and home store.

Initially, the scheme encountered significant resistance and some strong objections, as the Council was concerned about the implications of the scheme for existing retailing (and other proposed developments) in nearby centres. However, careful negotiation, and the production of robust and thoroughly-researched evidence, enabled the grant of an important and valuable planning permission without the need for appeal.

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