Elysium Healthcare/Partnerships in Care

Partnerships in Care is one of the UK’s largest providers of specialist, secure and step-down care across the UK. The company has recently merged with the Priory Group and a new provider, Elysium Healthcare has been created. We also provide planning services for Elysium Healthcare’s strategic network of hospitals across the country enabling the delivery of a complete pathway of specialist mental health care services.

The property portfolio includes sites with acute and high dependency facilities where patients may be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 with a severe mental illness. Other services include specialist facilities for children and adolescents who are suffering from eating disorder and rehabilitation services where patients may be moving down the care pathway out of secure accommodation but still requiring a degree of support.

How we have helped

Since 2015 we have provided a range of planning consultancy services in relation to the property portfolio. This has included site appraisals on new facilities and the preparation and submission of a range of planning applications for extensions, changes of use, variation of conditions alongside general planning advice.  Sites include Stroud, Warrington, Norfolk, Weston-Super Mare, Newcastle upon Tyne, Prescot and Wigan.

The handling of planning applications for patients with mental illness has the potential to generate considerable public reaction and for these reasons good communication and the provision of clear and robust supporting information is paramount in achieving a successful outcome.

To find out more please contact Ruth Child or Tom Hallett in our Manchester office on 0203 542 2242