Walsall Business Park

Trebor Developments LLP is a leading privately owned commercial property developer who operate throughout the UK. The company is recognised as a highly successful and progressive developer which carries out a wide range of commercial projects often with development partners, land owners and public-sector parties.

The Challenge

Secure planning permission for development of an undeveloped Green Belt site within Walsall Business Park, Aldridge for B2/B8 uses. Securing planning permission for this form of development requires the demonstration of ‘very special circumstances’.

The Solution

In January 2017, Q+A Planning Ltd assisted Corstorphine + Wright architects in the preparation of a planning application for a 57,000 sq. ft. two storey B2/B8 storage and distribution warehouse with ancillary office accommodation on vacant land within the Business Park.

Q+A Planning were able to successfully interrogate and research the site’s complex planning history, Walsall Council’s policy position and supporting evidence base to be able to confidently present a robust case for the development. We demonstrated that in the context of the existing surrounding uses and the lack of any other harm outweighed concerns regarding the impact on the openness of the Green Belt.

We subsequently demonstrated that the proposed development could be considered entirely acceptable in the context of maintaining the Business Park’s position as one of the regions key strategic employment locations and would assist in attracting significant investment, prosperity and employment to the area.

The Outcome

Full planning permission subject to conditions was granted in April 2017.

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