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Thank you for your interest in the proposed new special school off Greasley Road, Stoke ST2 8LG.

This webpage explains more about the scheme, development timescales and how you can provide feedback before the application is submitted.

About the Site

The site is located within the urban area of Abbey Hulton, abutting the green belt on its eastern boundary and comprises the land and buildings of the former Abbey Hill School off Greasley Road. The existing school complex has been vacant and left derelict for a number of years.

The majority of buildings are set back within the site, aside from a detached two storey lodge, behind existing residential properties and are not easily visible from the public highway. The former school is set within overgrown landscaped grounds and includes functional areas, such as car parking and hard surfaced playgrounds.

The main access to the site is from Greasley Road, with a secondary access located to the south off Malcolm Drive. Existing car parking provision is located to the north west of the main cluster of single and two storey buildings. To the south of the school buildings lies both existing hard and soft play areas, along with a smaller area of hardstanding located along the western boundary. There are several mature trees located within the site, predominantly along the site's western boundary, and abutting the open fields to the north east.

The area generally is of a mixed character with both residential and commercial properties. The site is well related to a range of services and facilities. It is in an accessible location readily accessed by means of transport other than the private car.

The Proposal

The Department for Education have appointed Tilbury Douglas Construction to complete the construction of the new school.

It is proposed that all the existing buildings on site will be demolished, and a new free special school be constructed. The new school will accommodate up to 70 pupils, aged 11 to 16 to meet a shortage of places for secondary age students with social, emotional, or mental health needs (SEMH) within Stoke-on-Trent. The school is to be managed by the Manor Hall Academy Trust, who already oversee several special schools in Staffordshire.

More information about the trust can be found at

The new school will be designed and built to inspire new ways of teaching, focused on providing high quality education and providing pupils with a variety of additional accommodation to support the special needs of the students, such as counselling, sensory, therapy and one-to-one support rooms. A large full height main hall is also proposed to allow flexibility in the sports and activities which can take place.

Highways and Access

The existing access off Greasley Road is to be maintained, providing a two-way flow of traffic into the site. Within the site a one-way system will operate. It is envisaged that most students will arrive at the school by taxi and will be dropped off in allocated spaces. During the day, the drop-off spaces will serve as visitor spaces. The access to the south off Malcome Drive is to be retained for emergency / maintenance purposes only.

It is proposed that 49 car parking spaces and 3 minibus bays are provided, including accessible spaces, together with electric vehicle charging points. In addition, a secure cycle shelter is also proposed. Bin storage and a delivery area is also included within the site. A separate pedestrian route is to be re-provided, providing a clear and safe route through to the school.

The parking provision reflects the expected demand generated by staff and takes account of the sustainable nature of the site.

Design and Sustainability

The building is to be positioned largely on the site of the existing school, set back from the road and to the rear of the properties on Greasley Road. Notwithstanding, the Trust would like the building to be clearly identifiable, impressive, and welcoming. The school would have a linear form, aligned parallel to Eaveswood Road to the north. The car parking is to be located to the front of the site, whilst the amenity space would be at the rear, reflecting the layout of the former school.

The new school building will have a contemporary feel with a simple design and clean lines, complementing the surrounding environment. It will be built with a brick and render finish and will also include feature colour to emphasise different elements of the building. The building is to be built to passive house standards, which is a level of design and construction to provide energy efficient buildings with set performance targets.

The proposed materials offer a robust finish and limited palette which will create a balanced elevation.

School render

Sports Provision

The school previously included a sports pitch and an area of hardstanding used as a playground.

The existing playground area to the rear of the site will be maintained, in addition a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) is proposed which will enhance the overall quality of the sports provision for pupils. The adjacent grassed sports pitch will also be reintroduced. Additional outdoor activity areas are also to be provided, including an outdoor gym, seating areas for external dining and teaching, together with a habitat area.

What Happens Next

We aim to submit a planning application for the new school during February 2022. It is intended that the new school will open in September 2023.

Your Views

If you have any questions about these proposals or would like to make comments about the scheme before the application is submitted, please get in touch. You can:

  • Visit for more information about the trust.
  • Email us at [email protected];
  • Write to us at Q+A Planning Ltd, The Stables, Paradise Wharf, Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JN; or
  • Provide feedback on the proposals using the form to the right hand side.

Please ensure comments are received by the 9th February 2022.

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