East Stour Park, Ashford

Q+A Planning are promoting a high quality residential development of 212 residential units within Ashford town centre. The development will bring into active use an under-utilised part of the Ashford’s Green Corridor and the creation of a landscaped park providing substantial public benefits through ecological enhancement, public access and recreational space within the heart of the town.

The site is within Flood Zone 3a and is part of the Green Corridor. However, it is part of the Green Corridor where development is expected, and the proposals as a windfall site can provide a valuable contribution to the housing supply in Ashford on a highly sustainable site. The development will also ensure that the flood plain functions more effectively, by enhancing existing flood defence measures through the provision of a flood plain compensation scheme.

Q+A Planning have needed to work closely with the client, architect, engineer and ecologist to a high quality development is presented, which has found support from the key statutory consultees.

For any further information, or general enquiries, please contact Peter Keenan.

Ashford, Kent
Quinn Estates Ltd

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